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Our Purpose

The purpose of the Kumugwe Cultural Society is to represent the K’omoks and Kwakwaka’wakw Peoples, assisting in cultural community endeavours that develop and promote culture. 

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The Kumugwe Dancers

Our dance group has performed for thousands of people over the years. We pride ourselves on building lasting relationships with non-profit and corporate groups alike. Our dancers are available for performances for your business or social events, large or small.

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National Indigenous Peoples Day is an important day for all of us across Canada. This weekend, we’re celebrating in K’ómoks territory on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. This region is home to the Pentlatch, E’iksan, Sahtloot and Sasitla peoples.

Wiga’xa̱n’s Yaḵ̓a̱nt̓alape. Let us speak together.

The Project name says it all. The Kumugwe Cultural Society has wanted to host a language camp for several years and finally felt ready to make that happen. Two weekend-long camps plus monthly language primers. Participants in this project will be speaking together in their own household or bubble. Five families will undertake weekly and monthly goals to learn and practice Kwak̕wala while engaging with videos, online forums, interactive games, and home-based resources. Join our participant families as they deepen their knowledge and daily use of Kwak̕wala during these interesting times.

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On September 26 2019, the Kumugwe Cultural Society distributed a message through the Comox Valley Record discussing Indigenous reconciliation in Canada. This message is meant to encourage respectful dialogue, to help break down misconceptions and promote meaningful social change. 

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Thank you to our funders for their generous contributions towards our 2023-24 programs. 

The Law Foundation of British Columbia
Gigame’dzikas – Many Chiefs project.


First Peoples’ Cultural Council
Pathways to Language Vitality Program
Wigaxan’s Yakantalape (Let’s Speak Together) Kwak’wala Ceremonial Speech project.

School District #71 Indigenous Education


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